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Documents associated with each data product include general documents like science designs, data collection documents like field protocols or instrument configurations, data processing documentation, and additional related reference documentation. Documents will be added to this page as they become available. For access to more documents, visit the Document Library.


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Relationship Type: This field indicates how is related to a data product in the list below.

  • Source: is used to generate the data product in the list.
  • Derived: is derived from the data product in the list.
  • Related: is related to the data product in the list in some other manner, such as through a shared protocol or similar type of observation.
Data Product Name Data Product ID Relationship Type
CO2 concentration rate of change NEON.DOM.SITE.DP2.00008.001 Derived
H2O concentration rate of change NEON.DOM.SITE.DP2.00009.001 Derived
Temperature rate of change NEON.DOM.SITE.DP2.00024.001 Derived
CO2 concentration rate of change profile NEON.DOM.SITE.DP3.00009.001 Derived
H2O concentration rate of change profile NEON.DOM.SITE.DP3.00010.001 Derived
Temperature rate of change profile NEON.DOM.SITE.DP3.00008.001 Derived
Carbon dioxide flux NEON.DOM.SITE.DP4.00067.001 Derived
Sensible heat flux NEON.DOM.SITE.DP4.00002.001 Derived
3D wind speed, direction and sonic temperature NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00007.001 Derived
3D wind attitude and motion reference NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00010.001 Derived
CO2 concentration - turbulent NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00034.001 Derived
H2O concentration - turbulent NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00035.001 Derived
CO2 concentration - storage NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00099.001 Derived
H2O concentration - storage NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00100.001 Derived
Atmospheric CO2 isotopes NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.00036.001 Derived
Latent heat flux NEON.DOM.SITE.DP4.00137.001 Derived
Momentum flux NEON.DOM.SITE.DP4.00007.001 Derived
Flux footprint characteristics NEON.DOM.SITE.DP4.00201.001 Derived
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