The National Ecological Observatory Network provides open data to understand changing ecosystems. To learn more about NEON, check out the Resources tab above or visit our main portal by clicking the NEON icon in the top right corner. During NEON's construction phase, data products will continue to be added and all are considered as construction-grade quality in the near termAtmospheric data collected before June 2014 are undergoing reprocessing


Notices Notices

September 14, 2017A subset of airborne data products are now available for download via the data portal or the NEON API. If you don't find the data you are looking for (e.g., from sites or years not yet available from the portal), please request data here. Here are a few helpful links:

August 18, 2017: Publishing of aspirated air temperature data will be postponed until further notice to address an implementation flaw that affects the flow rates within the aspirated assembly. See more...

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