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Throughfall precipitation notice

Due to widespread instrument malfunction and unreliable data quality, we are halting publication of throughfall precipitation until further notice. The tipping mechanism frequently falls off its rocker, causing precipitation events to go unrecorded. A more robust design of the tipping mechanism is currently in production and all sensors will be retrofitted. Data and associated quality flags prior to the retrofit should be considered unreliable and of limited use.

Soil heat flux data issue

We discovered a problem with the soil heat flux data product in which most automated field-calibrations were not being processed. We are working to resolve this issue. Fully usable data is available for BART, CPER, DSNY, GUAN, HARV, HEAL, JERC, ORNL, OSBS, SERC, STER, and UKFS. Partially usable data (at least one sensor operating properly) is available for ABBY, CLBJ, DEJU, JORN, KONA, KONZ, LAJA, LENO, ONAQ, SCBI, and TALL. There is no usable data for BARR, BLAN, DCFS, GRSM, MLBS, MOAB, NIWO, NOGP, SRER, TOOL, TREE, UNDE, and WOOD.

AOP data on portal

A subset of airborne data products are now available for download via the data portal or the NEON API. If you don't find the data you are looking for (e.g., from sites or years not yet available from the portal), please request data here. Here are a few helpful links:

Pausing publication of aspirated air temperature

Publishing of aspirated air temperature data will be postponed until further notice to address an implementation flaw that affects the flow rates within the aspirated assembly.

This implementation error affects flow rates within the aspirated assembly, and the flow quality metrics in the expanded data product have been incorrectly generated. This affects final quality flagging of the product. Archived (historic) data will be re-processed accordingly over the next six months. Data from August 17, 2017 and forward will be archived internally but not publicly released until the reprocessing framework is in place.