LI-840 Infrared Gas Analyzer downtime resulting in data flags and gaps

The LI-840 Infrared Gas Analyzer requires more maintenance and has an observed failure rate higher than other NEON sensors measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapor. This has led to multiple data gaps and periods of flagged data.

Many sites and time periods have been affected, we will update this post with specific instances within the next month. Increased monitoring has reduced the detection time of these issues, but downtime has been magnified by the suspension of field work due to COVID-19.

NaN values and raised quality flags occur in these data products, which are contained in the bundled eddy-covariance file (DP4.00200.001):

  • DP1.00100 H2O concentration - storage
  • DP1.00099 CO2 concentration - storage
  • DP2.00008 CO2 concentration rate of change
  • DP2.00009 H2O concentration rate of change
  • DP3.00009 CO2 concentration rate of change profile
  • DP3.00010 H2O concentration rate of change profile
  • DP4.00067 Carbon dioxide flux
  • DP4.00137 Latent heat flux

Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries; select DP4.00200.001 or any of the constituent data products listed above in the Data Product dropdown list and include the term “PRB0040480“ in the body of your request