Bundling terrestrial biogeochemistry data products

In order to improve usability of the Observational System terrestrial biogeochemistry data products, we are repackaging several data products to deliver all of the relevant data for sample sets in one download. For example, end users will no longer need to download DP1.10067.001, DP1.10102.001 and DP1.10099.001 to access root biomass standing stocks, root chemistry, and root stable isotopes (respectively), but will instead be able to get all of these data from downloading just DP1.10067.001. The same will be true for leaf litter, canopy foliage, and soil samples. Once all plant and soil data products have been updated, we will update this news item. End users may need to update code routines for pulling data from the portal, but we hope this improves the overall user experience for NEON terrestrial biogeochemistry data products.

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