Data product updates for September 30, 2018

New eddy covariance data became available this week, bringing the total number of sites with eddy covariance data up to 17! Between 2018-09-21 and 2018-09-30, new data, primarily for July and August of this year, were published for 36 data products. In addition, change logs were updated for Single aspirated air temperature (DP1.00002.001)

Data Product ID Data Product Name Availability (Sites/Months)
DP1.20066.001 Aquatic plant bryophyte macroalgae clip harvest BLDE, LECO, MAYF, MCRA, PRPO (2018-07)
DP1.20072.001 Aquatic plant, bryophyte, lichen, and macroalgae point counts in wadeable streams BLDE, LECO, MAYF, MCRA (2018-07)
DP1.20280.001 Benthic microbe marker gene sequences ARIK, CARI, MART, MCDI, POSE, REDB, WALK (2018-07)
DP4.00200.001 Bundled data products - eddy covariance ABBY, CLBJ, NOGP (2017-11 to 2018-02); BART, BONA (2017-12 to 2018-02); CPER (2018-01); KONA, KONZ (2018-02)
DP1.20092.001 Chemical properties of groundwater WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.20093.001 Chemical properties of surface water BLWA, GUIL (2018-08)
DP1.20254.001 Depth profile at specific depths BLWA, TOMB (2018-08)
DP1.10017.001 Digital hemispheric photos of plot vegetation BARR, HARV (2018-07)
DP1.20097.001 Dissolved gases in surface water BLUE, BLWA, TOMB, WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.20267.001 Gauge height BLUE (2018-08)
DP1.20099.001 Groundwater and active layer measurements at permafrost sites OKSR, TOOK (2018-09)
DP1.10023.001 Herbaceous clip harvest OAES (2018-06)
DP1.20002.001 Land-water interface images SYCA (2018-09)
DP1.10033.001 Litterfall and fine woody debris sampling GUAN, LENO, RMNP, SERC, SJER, SRER (2018-07)
DP1.20120.001 Macroinvertebrate collection CARI, OKSR (2018-08)
DP1.10043.001 Mosquitoes sampled from CO2 traps BARR, BART, CLBJ, DCFS, DELA, DSNY, HEAL, NIWO, SCBI, SOAP (2018-08)
DP1.00101.001 Particulate mass CPER, ONAQ, RMNP (2018-09)
DP1.20163.001 Periphyton, seston, and phytoplankton chemical properties ARIK, BIGC, FLNT, HOPB, LECO, LIRO, MCRA, PRIN, REDB, WALK (2018-07)
DP1.20166.001 Periphyton, seston, and phytoplankton collection ARIK, BIGC, FLNT, HOPB, LECO, LIRO, MCRA, PRIN, REDB, WALK (2018-07)
DP1.20261.001 Photosynthetically active radiation below water surface BARC (2017-12 to 2018-08)
DP1.10055.001 Plant phenology observations KONZ, MLBS, ORNL (2018-08)
DP1.10058.001 Plant presence and percent cover OAES, ONAQ, SJER (2018-05)
DP1.20190.001 Reaeration field and lab collection CUPE, LECO, WALK (2018-08)
DP1.20275.001 Riparian composition and structure BARC, SUGG (2018-08)
DP1.20193.001 Salt-based stream discharge BLDE, CUPE, LECO, LEWI, WALK, WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.20252.001 Secchi depth BLWA, TOMB (2018-08)
DP1.10072.001 Small mammal box trapping ABBY, CPER (2018-08)
DP1.10086.001 Soil physical properties (Distributed periodic) JORN (2018-08)
DP1.20276.001 Stable isotope concentrations in groundwater WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.20206.001 Stable isotope concentrations in surface waters BLUE, BLWA, TOMB, WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.20048.001 Stream discharge field collection CUPE, LECO, LEWI, TECR (2018-08)
DP4.00131.001 Stream morphology map CUPE (2017-08)
DP1.20138.001 Surface water microbe cell count COMO, WLOU (2018-08)
DP1.10093.001 Ticks sampled using drag cloths BONA, HEAL, MLBS, NIWO, SERC, SOAP, TALL, TREE (2018-08)
DP1.20059.001 Windspeed and direction above water on-buoy BARC (2018-05 to 2018-08)
DP1.10098.001 Woody plant vegetation structure PUUM (2018-05)