Faulty algorithm in Windspeed and direction above water on-buoy (DP1.20059.001)

NEON recently discovered an error in the algorithm that creates the  Wind speed and direction above water on-buoy (DP1.20059.001) data product. As a result, all published buoy wind direction values averaged at both 2-minute and 30-minute intervals have been faulty to present day. Buoy wind speed was not affected by this algorithm error, so this data product has not been removed from the portal. All past and present-day buoy wind speed and direction data from the corrected algorithm will be republished following a large data republication effort. An update will be provided by July 1. The nearby, on-shore aquatic met station  2D wind speed and direction (DP1.00001.001) at buoy sites remains unaffected by the buoy’s wind direction algorithm and may serve as a suitable alternative in the meanwhile.

For further inquiries, please use the data portal contact form; please select DP1.20059.001 in the Data Product dropdown list and include the term “INC0038276“ in the body of your request.