Instrumented data reprocessed

The full timeseries of most instrumented data products (exceptions below) were reprocessed with the most recent algorithms, quality control thresholds, and/or other metadata to improve overall data coverage and quality. Specific algorithm updates and data corrections are noted in other news items and in the issue log for each data product.  

Publication of reprocessed data will begin Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and will likely complete in early July, 2020. Reprocessed data can be identified by the publication date embedded in the file name of each downloaded data file. Dates on or after June 17, 2020 indicate reprocessed data.  

Publication of June 2020 data may be delayed until mid to late July while this process completes.  

Products not included in the current reprocessing effort include surface atmosphere exchange data (DP4.00200.001: Bundled data products - eddy covariance) and stream discharge products (DP4.00130.001: Stream discharge, and DP4.00133.001: Stream discharge rating curve). These products are reprocessed on separate schedules.

Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries; please include the term “CHG0032696“ in the body of your request.