Microbial Community Composition Data Products Being Reprocessed

Microbial community composition data products for all data analyzed after Jan 1, 2016 had an issue with the sequence data processing pipeline. This issue is causing the resulting community composition data to consist of very few counts and lower than expected diversity. This issue affects the following data products:

Soil Microbe Marker Gene Sequences – NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.10108

Surface Water Microbe Marker Gene Sequences – NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.20282

Benthic Microbe Marker Gene Sequences – NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.20280

We are in the process of evaluating the extent of the issue on individual data sets and are investigating the underlying cause of the pipeline failures. Data analyzed later will be evaluated and reprocessed as needed, and will be republished as complete batches from a single sequencing run after issues have been addressed. Within three weeks we will update this message with an expected timeline for completion.