Notice of Incorrect Geolocation in 2019 Toolik AOP Spectrometer Data

We have identified an issue with a portion of the 2019 airborne (AOP) spectrometer (NIS) Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 data products for the Toolik site, TOOL. The NIS data for one of the 5 flight days were originally orthorectified with an incorrect timing offset and, as a result, 4 flight lines (L1 and L2) and a portion of the mosaic data (L3) are not correctly geolocated. The following products are affected:

  • L1
    • DP1.30008.001: Radiance (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP1.30006.001: Reflectance (spectrometer, flightline)
  • L2
    • DP2.30011.001: Albedo (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30016.001: Total biomass map (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30014.001: PAR (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30012.001: LAI (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30026.001: Vegetation indices (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30022.001: Canopy lignin (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30018.001: Canopy nitrogen (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30019.001: Canopy water content (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP2.30020.001: Canopy xanthophyll cycle (spectrometer, flightline)
  • L3
    • DP3.30011.001: Albedo (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30016.001: Total biomass map (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30014.001: PAR (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30012.001: LAI (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30026.001: Vegetation indices (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30022.001: Canopy lignin (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30018.001: Canopy nitrogen (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30019.001: Canopy water content (spectrometer, flightline)
    • DP3.30020.001: Canopy xanthophyll cycle (spectrometer, flightline)

As of February 2020 the data are being re-orthorectified. We will update this message by the end of March 2020 with further information or location and availability of the corrected data.  Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries and include the term “INC0036345“ in the body of your request.