Notice of the re-scaling of 2019 spectrometer Albedo (L2 and L3)

We have identified an issue with the early 2019 airborne (AOP) spectrometer (NIS) Level 2 and 3 Albedo data products for the sites TALL, LENO, DELA, OSBS, DSNY, REDB, ONAQ, CLBJ, and OAES. The data were originally processed with an incorrect scale factor and, as a result, range from 0 to 10 instead of the usually distributed 0 to 1. The following products are affected for the sites:

  • L2
    • DP2.30011.001: Albedo (spectrometer, flightline)
  • L3
    • DP3.30011.001: Albedo (spectrometer mosaic)

As of January 2020 the data are being re-scaled. We will update this message by the end of February 2020 with further information or location and availability of the corrected data.  Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries and include the term “INC0035396“ in the body of your request.