Orthorectification errors identified for camera images for 2018_YELL_1 and 2019_JERC_5

We have identified issues with the camera image and mosaic data for 2018_YELL_1 and 2019_JERC_5. The products involved are:

  • L1
    • DP1.30010.001: High-resolution orthorectified camera imagery
  • L3
    • DP3.30010.001: High-resolution orthorectified camera imagery mosaic

In both cases, the orthorectified images for a single flight line (about 40 images for each site) are off by about 200 meters due to an error in the raw timing data. These errors are not correctable, but only a small portion of the total site coverage is affected. To correct for these issues, we deleted the misaligned images and recomputed the mosaics which will result in no loss of coverage due to spatial overlap. Updated imagery will be re-posted as soon as correction is completed. This issue will be updated again March 19, 2020. Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries and include the term “INC0036413“ in the body of your request.