Removal of instrumented data processed with incorrect calibration information

We recently discovered that calibration information was incorrectly applied to a number of instrumented systems data products (list of affected products below) from Feb 26, 2018 to present. All potentially affected data have been removed from the data portal and will be reprocessed with appropriate calibration information. Reprocessing will likely begin mid-December and continue through mid-January. Data will be published as it is reprocessed. The error resulted from a manual database procedure that updated calibrations after a sensor change. We are automating this procedure to avoid this problem as we transition to a fully operational observatory in the near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For further inquiries please use the Feedback Form.

List of affected data products
DP1.00002      Single aspirated air temperature
DP1.00003      Triple aspirated air temperature
DP1.00004      Barometric pressure
DP1.00005      IR biological temperature
DP1.00006      Precipitation
DP1.00014      Shortwave radiation (direct and diffuse pyranometer)
DP1.00022      Shortwave radiation (primary pyranometer)
DP1.00023      Shortwave and longwave radiation (net radiometer)
DP1.00024      Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)
DP1.00041      Soil temperature
DP1.00066      Photosynthetically active radiation (quantum line)
DP1.00095      Soil CO2 concentration
DP1.20004      Barometric pressure above water on-buoy
DP1.20015      Specific conductivity in groundwater
DP1.20016      Elevation of surface water
DP1.20032      Shortwave and longwave radiation above water on-buoy (net radiometer)
DP1.20042      Photosynthetically active radiation at water surface
DP1.20053      Temperature (PRT) in surface water
DP1.20059      Windspeed and direction above water on-buoy
DP1.20100      Elevation of groundwater
DP1.20217      Temperature of groundwater
DP1.20261      Photosynthetically active radiation below water surface
DP1.20264      Temperature at specific depth in surface water
DP1.20288      Water quality
DP4.00001      Summary weather statistics