Timestamp mis-match discovered for sensor data products at WLOU and SYCA for part of 2019

We have identified that the timestamp of the on-site server was set to Mountain Time instead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) resulting in all sensor data streaming with the wrong timestamp for SYCA and WLOU from 6/4/2019 - 12/5/2019 and 7/23/2019 - 2/17/2020, respectively. All impacted data have been removed from the NEON data portal and will be re-streamed, re-processed, and re-published. We will provide an update iby March 20, 2020 with information about when data will be on the portal. An automated script is being put in place to prevent this issue in the future. Impacted data products include:

  • AIS data products:
    • NEON.DP1.20100: Elevation of groundwater
    • NEON.DP1.20015: Specific Conductivity in groundwater
    • NEON.DP1.20217: Temperature of groundwater
    • NEON.DP1.20016: Elevation of surface water
    • NEON.DP1.20033: Nitrate in surface water
    • NEON.DP1.20042: PAR at water surface
    • NEON.DP1.20053: Temperature (PRT) in surface water
    • NEON.DP1.20288: Water quality
  • Shared AIS/TIS data products:
    • NEON.DP1.00001: 2-D windspeed and direction
    • NEON.DP1.00002: Single aspirated air temperature
    • NEON.DP1.00004: Barometric pressure
    • NEON.DP1.00024: PAR
    • NEON.DP1.00098: Relative humidity
    • NEON.DP1.00023: Shortwave and longwave radiation (net radiometer)
    • NEON.DP1.00006: Precipitation
    • NEON.DP1.00038: Stable isotope concentrations in precipitation
    • NEON.DP1.00013: Wet deposition chemical analysis

Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries; please include the phrase “INC0034443“ and “INC0035951“ in the body of your request.