Upcoming Data Portal Upgrades

Recently, you may have noticed a major upgrade to the way that you can register for an account and sign in to the data portal, as well as a new user account page. Over the next several months, inspired by feedback from our user community, we will be adding more new features to the data portal and deprecating features that have outlasted their usefulness. We will be doing this in multiple phases. What will this look like?

Round 1: First week of December

New Web Pages

A new data product browser and catalog: The new “Explore Data Products” page will give you a view of the entire data product catalog, numerous ways to filter and search for products of interest by topic, region, and temporal span as well as access to more information about each data product. Plus it's much faster than ever before!

Revised data product details page: Each data product has its own web page with all the basic information you need to start understanding it, as well as related visualization tools and a download mechanism. We have revised these pages with a cleaner layout, and will be adding more information to each page over time, so please check back frequently.

New data download workflow: The download workflow will provide more options and more information about how to cite and use the data.

A pilot data visualization tool for remotely sensed data: Through a collaboration with the University of Utah’s ViSUS team, we will be providing a visualization tool that will allow you to explore our mosaicked camera and hyperspectral imagery. You’ll be able to choose your site of interest, and pan and zoom across the landscape to find features of interest at high resolution. While the images through this interface will only be downloadable as PNG or binary files, we plan to add more functionality in the future.

New Styles

We have started working with Material Design, an open source library of web interface elements that are visually appealing and quick to render. They will bring modern utility and design to all the new work we do. Also, we are building every new page to be mobile-friendly!

Round 2: Early January

Revising pages and components

We will be revising the Home page to clean up the appearance and open up space to provide information important to you, like updates on further improvements. Expect to see new sections and links to more blogs like this one. We will also replace the Data Availability Chart with a new modern look and feel.

Removing deprecated pages and components

We will remove the old Data Product Catalog and the Data Products web pages, as their functionality will be available in the single new Explore Data Products page. And as part of our drive to remove redundancies, we will remove the theme search from the Home page. We will also remove the map, and replace it later in the month on the Explore Data Products page.

Round 3: Late January

Map-based search for data products

As mentioned above, we will develop a new map-based filter for data products, so that you can search by region on a map rather than just by field site or state names.

API Tokens

Want to make sure that your programs are rarely rate-limited? You will be able to request an API token through your My Account page. You’ll be able to use this in your scripts and applications for large or regularly occurring downloads.

Updated Time Series Viewer

The existing time series viewer for instrumented data products will provide views of longer time series and have some minor styling updates, as well as a download button for your favorite views.

Need more information?

We hope you will find the transition process smooth and enjoyable as new functionality comes online. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here.