Water Quality Software Updates

Water quality – DP1.20288.001 fDOM (all Aquatic sites): Data processing software improvements will now use SUNA absorbance data to estimate corrected fDOM, as described in NEON.DOC.004931vA NEON Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD): Water Quality, rather than only correcting fDOM using temperature. This improvement will also considerably reduce the number of absorbance Quality Flags corresponding to fDOM data. NEON plans to test and implement the update within the next month. Corrections in published data should be fully reflected in 2020 February’s publication of 2020 January’s data, and partially reflected in 2020 January’s publication of 2019 December data. All data collected prior to the software deployment will be re-processed with the correct averaging windows and re-published over the next 6-12 months.