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Occasional high soil moisture values

We recently discovered that unreasonably high soil moistures are sometimes being reported in the soil water content and salinity data product (DP1.00094.001) at many terrestrial sites. The issue is caused when the sensor reports a value above the high end of the calibration data used to generate the soil-specific calibration and when the calibration equation had a shallow slope at those high soil moistures. The threshold that this impact begins to impact the soil moisture data varies among sites and depths, but in general soil water content values above ~0.4 cm3 cm-3 should be treated with caution while we address this issue (values below this threshold are typically not affected). We are in the process of developing a solution to correct this issue for all future and previously collected data, but we do not currently expect this to be implemented until March 2020 at the earliest. In the meantime, we will adjust the high-end range threshold in the automated QA/QC tests to flag the affected data. Please use the data portal contact form for further inquiries; please select DP1.10094.001 in the Data Product dropdown list and include the term "INC0033810" in the body of your request.

Data product updates for August 9, 2019

Over the last month (between 2019-07-11 and 2019-08-09), new data were published for 58 data products, including some legacy data for soil microbes. 

Data Product ID Data Product Name Availability (Sites/Months)
DP1.00001.001 2D wind speed and direction BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20066.001 Aquatic plant bryophyte macroalgae clip harvest CARI, CRAM, LIRO (2019-05)
DP1.00004.001 Barometric pressure BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20280.001 Benthic microbe marker gene sequences BLDE, CARI (2019-05)
DP4.00200.001 Bundled data products - eddy covariance ABBY (2019-02 to 2019-03); BART (2016-12 to 2017-08); BLAN, JERC, UKFS (2019-01 to 2019-03); BONA (2018-03 to 2018-06); DEJU (2017-03 to 2017-08); GUAN, SOAP, WREF (2018-08 to 2018-10); HARV (2019-02); MLBS (2018-10 to 2019-03); MOAB, YELL (2018-10 to 2019-02); NIWO, STEI (2018-08); ONAQ (2018-02 to 2018-09); RMNP (2019-01 to 2019-02); UNDE (2017-11 to 2018-08); WOOD (2018-09 to 2019-02)
DP1.20092.001 Chemical properties of groundwater BLWA, CARI (2019-06)
DP1.20093.001 Chemical properties of surface water ARIK, BARC, BLUE, BLWA, CARI, GUIL, LECO, LEWI, MART, MCRA, POSE, SUGG, SYCA, TECR, TOMB, WLOU (2019-06)
DP1.20254.001 Depth profile at specific depths BARC, BLWA, SUGG, TOMB (2019-06)
DP1.10017.001 Digital hemispheric photos of plot vegetation BART, BONA, CLBJ, CPER, DCFS, DEJU, DSNY, GRSM, GUAN, HARV, HEAL, JERC, JORN, LENO, MLBS, NOGP, ORNL, OSBS, PUUM, RMNP, SOAP, SRER, STEI, STER, TALL, TREE, UNDE, WOOD, WREF (2019-05)
DP1.20097.001 Dissolved gases in surface water ARIK, BARC, BLUE, BLWA, CARI, GUIL, LECO, LEWI, MART, MCRA, POSE, SUGG, SYCA, TECR, TOMB, WLOU (2019-06)
DP1.20099.001 Groundwater and active layer measurements at permafrost sites CARI, OKSR, TOOK (2019-07)
DP1.10023.001 Herbaceous clip harvest LAJA, SJER, SRER (2019-04)
DP1.00005.001 IR biological temperature BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20002.001 Land-water interface images WLOU (2019-07)
DP1.10033.001 Litterfall and fine woody debris sampling BART, BLAN, BONA, DEJU, HARV, HEAL, MLBS, SCBI, UNDE, WREF (2019-05)
DP1.20120.001 Macroinvertebrate collection CUPE, SYCA (2019-06)
DP1.00101.001 Particulate mass MOAB, STER (2019-07)
DP1.20166.001 Periphyton, seston, and phytoplankton collection BIGC, CARI, CRAM, LIRO (2019-05)
DP1.00024.001 Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.00066.001 Photosynthetically active radiation (quantum line) BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.10055.001 Plant phenology observations BARR, BLAN, CLBJ, DSNY, GRSM, GUAN, JERC, LAJA, MLBS, MOAB, NIWO, OAES, ORNL, OSBS, SCBI, SERC, SJER, WOOD (2019-06)
DP1.00006.001 Precipitation BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20190.001 Reaeration field and lab collection BLDE, BLUE, CARI, COMO, MCDI, MCRA, OKSR, POSE (2019-06)
DP1.00098.001 Relative humidity BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20275.001 Riparian composition and structure BLUE, CARI, KING, LEWI, MART, MCDI (2019-06)
DP1.20191.001 Riparian vegetation % cover BLUE, CARI, KING, LEWI, MART, MCDI (2019-06)
DP1.10064.001 Rodent-borne pathogen status CLBJ, DSNY, GRSM, KONA, LENO, SERC, SRER, TALL, UKFS, WOOD, WREF (2018-10)
DP1.10102.001 Root chemical properties DEJU (2018-07); GUAN (2018-10); SOAP (2018-07 to 2018-08)
DP1.10099.001 Root stable isotopes DEJU (2018-07); GUAN (2018-10); SOAP (2018-07 to 2018-08)
DP1.20193.001 Salt-based stream discharge BLDE, BLUE, CARI, COMO, MCDI, MCRA, OKSR, POSE (2019-06)
DP1.20252.001 Secchi depth BARC, BLWA, SUGG, TOMB (2019-06)
DP1.20194.001 Sediment chemical properties COMO (2019-06)
DP1.00023.001 Shortwave and longwave radiation (net radiometer) BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.00014.001 Shortwave radiation (direct and diffuse pyranometer) BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.00002.001 Single aspirated air temperature BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.10072.001 Small mammal box trapping CPER (2019-05 to 2019-06); DCFS, HARV, LENO, MOAB, SRER, STEI (2019-05); JERC (2016-03); KONZ, SCBI (2019-06)
DP1.00042.001 Snow depth and understory phenology images KONA (2019-07)
DP1.00040.001 Soil heat flux plate BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.10080.001 Soil inorganic nitrogen pools and transformations SJER (2019-05)
DP1.10109.001 Soil microbe group abundances CLBJ (2017-11); GUAN (2017-11 to 2017-12)
DP1.10107.001 Soil microbe metagenome sequences BART (2014-05, 2014-07 to 2014-08, 2016-07); CLBJ (2017-04, 2018-04); CPER, SCBI, UNDE (2018-07); DEJU (2018-06); DSNY (2016-07, 2018-08); GRSM, JERC, MOAB, ORNL (2016-07); HARV (2016-08, 2018-07); NIWO (2018-07 to 2018-08); OAES (2017-06, 2018-05); ONAQ (2016-07, 2018-05); OSBS (2016-08, 2017-07, 2018-07); SRER (2018-08); STER (2017-06); TALL (2016-08, 2018-06)
DP1.10086.001 Soil physical properties (Distributed periodic) DELA, UNDE (2019-06); LENO, YELL (2019-05); RMNP (2019-05 to 2019-06)
DP1.00041.001 Soil temperature BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.00094.001 Soil water content and water salinity BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.20276.001 Stable isotope concentrations in groundwater BIGC, CARI (2019-06)
DP1.00038.001 Stable isotope concentrations in precipitation BART, BLAN, CPER, GUAN, JERC, MLBS, NOGP, ONAQ, RMNP, SCBI, STEI, TALL, UKFS (2019-06)
DP1.20206.001 Stable isotope concentrations in surface waters ARIK, BARC, BIGC, BLDE, BLUE, CARI, COMO, CUPE, FLNT, GUIL, HOPB, KING, LECO, LEWI, LIRO, MART, MAYF, MCDI, MCRA, OKSR, POSE, PRIN, PRLA, PRPO, REDB, SUGG, TECR, TOMB, TOOK, WALK, WLOU (2019-06)
DP1.20048.001 Stream discharge field collection ARIK, BLUE, GUIL, LEWI, MART, MAYF, MCDI, MCRA, POSE, SYCA, TECR, WLOU (2019-06)
DP1.20138.001 Surface water microbe cell count ARIK, BARC, BLUE, CARI, COMO, GUIL, LECO, LEWI, MART, OKSR, POSE, REDB, SUGG, SYCA, TECR, WALK, WLOU (2019-06)
DP1.20278.001 Surface water microbe group abundances KING (2016-11 to 2017-07); MCDI (2016-09, 2016-12 to 2017-03)
DP1.20282.001 Surface water microbe marker gene sequences KING (2019-06)
DP1.10093.001 Ticks sampled using drag cloths BART, BLAN, CLBJ, DCFS, DSNY, HARV, JORN, KONZ, LENO, MOAB, NOGP, OAES, ONAQ, OSBS, SCBI, SERC, SRER, STEI, TALL, TOOL, UNDE, WREF (2019-06)
DP1.00003.001 Triple aspirated air temperature BARR (2018-03, 2018-05)
DP1.00013.001 Wet deposition chemical analysis BART, BLAN, BLUE, CPER, GUAN, GUIL, JERC, MLBS, NOGP, ONAQ, RMNP, SCBI, STEI, TALL, UKFS (2019-06)
DP1.20059.001 Windspeed and direction above water on-buoy FLNT (2018-08 to 2019-03); LIRO, PRPO (2018-05 to 2019-03); PRLA (2018-06 to 2019-03)
DP1.10098.001 Woody plant vegetation structure JERC (2018-09, 2019-03); YELL (2018-09)

Change logs have recently been updated for 4 data products

Change logs have recently been updated for Precipitation (DP1.00006.001), Soil CO2 concentration (DP1.00095.001), Elevation of groundwater (DP1.20100.001), Photosynthetically active radiation below water surface (DP1.20261.001). To view a change log for a specific data product, select a data product from the data product catalog, click on a link to visit the data product entry in the catalog (or click one of the links above), and then click on the 'Revision History' tab.

Soil heat flux data issue

We discovered a problem with the soil heat flux data product in which most automated field-calibrations were not being processed. We are working to resolve this issue. Fully usable data is available for BART, CPER, DSNY, GUAN, HARV, HEAL, JERC, ORNL, OSBS, SERC, STER, and UKFS. Partially usable data (at least one sensor operating properly) is available for ABBY, CLBJ, DEJU, JORN, KONA, KONZ, LAJA, LENO, ONAQ, SCBI, and TALL. There is no usable data for BARR, BLAN, DCFS, GRSM, MLBS, MOAB, NIWO, NOGP, SRER, TOOL, TREE, UNDE, and WOOD.